Principal Investigator

Alicia Izquierdo, Ph.D.


Valeria Gonzalez, Ph.D. (Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow)
neural substrates of information value and paradoxical choice

Preetham Ganupuru, Ph.D.
neural mechanisms of decision making under uncertainty; learning under volatility

Staff Research Associate

Claudia Aguirre, Ph.D.
flexible reinforcement learning following alcohol; sex differences; reversal learning

Graduate Students

Juan Luis Romero Sosa (BNS Ph.D. candidate)
amygdalar modulation of frontocortical neurons in dynamic probabilistic learning

Zeena Rivera (NSIDP Ph.D. candidate), co-advised with Dr. Andrew Wikenheiser
orbitofrontal and perirhinal cortex modulation of reward-guided behavior

Miriam Ortega (BNS Ph.D. student), co-advised with Dr. Melissa Sharpe
frontocortical- midbrain modulation of Pavlovian-to-Instrumental processes

Undergraduate Student(s)

Berlin Aguayo

Annie Rickard

Jackson Wissing

Alex Yeghikian

Research Technician / Laboratory Assistant

Megan Gomez, B.A.